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2012: London Olympic site documentary photography

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Contact: Please email me at mail@mikesteel.co.uk for information regarding purchasing images, commissioning new work, or with any other enquiries. Please refer to Mike Steel Photography in the subject line to avoid confusion with spam.

I have no current exhibitions lined up but am interested in exhibiting my Olympic site photography in the future.

Previous exhibitions: "Bienvenidos a mi utopia" - urban and rural landscapes capturing the diversity of life and the environment, from Patagonia to Carnival. This was at Freud Bar/Gallery from 6th May to 4th June 2006. It was previously at First Edition restaurant/bar (November 2005 to March 2006) and at Spitz Bar/Bistro (October 2005).

As a member of the T-69 group, I was involved in the "No Logic" and "A Slightly Different Way" exhibitions in 2003.

About: These images are a selection of my work since 1995. My photography began with landscapes in the Highlands of Scotland, but as I travelled more my interest grew and I attempted to capture certain images, rather than just memories. On my return to London I studied City and Guilds Photography, where I broadened my skills and received Distinctions for a number of folios including more artistic black and white photography. Since then I have continued to travel, and have also worked freelance on a range of assignments for Naked Cities city guides, Mirror Group Newspapers, Just Customer Communication, and Baigent. Most pictures were taken on a Nikon FE camera, using either Fuji Velvia/Provia slide film, or Ilford FP4/HP5/Delta 3200. Unfortunately this site is currently optimised for Internet Explorer. If you have some better javascript please get in touch.

Friends: There are other photos from South America in these four galleries 1, 2, 3, 4. There are also some less serious galleries at www.tomsteel.co.uk.

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